Our Consulting Services

Why pay a full time salary when you can pay for only the services you require?

With over 20 years of experience, we offer a wide range of custom consulting services specific to your needs

Did you receive a visit from the Ministry of Labour?

Let a professional handle the situation

What we Do:

  • We work closely with you to guide you through the process
  • We take whatever steps are necessary to get you back on track

  • We put controls in place to prevent future issues

Lean Manufacturing 

Improve results with Lean concepts that are easy to implement & sustain 

What we do:

  • Introduce  Lean & Lean concepts to your team
  • Identify & reduce all forms of waste in your processes
  • Implement Kanbans, 1-piece flow, pull systems & 5s
  • Customize systems & processes specific to your needs

Source & Deliver Safety Supplies

 Let us source & deliver your safety supplies  

Benefits to you:

  • Save time by allowing us to quickly source the products you require
  • Reduce costs by taking advantage of our volume discounts

Site Safety Inspections

Let an expert analyse your workplace

Benefits to you:

  • Reduce accidents & injuries by identifying & controlling hazards​
  • Save time by keeping your key people doing their regular tasks
  • ​Save money by providing low cost solutions 

Standard Operating Procedure Development

Let us create your standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Benefits to you:

  • Maintain a high standard of quality & control
  • Build safety controls right into your process
  • Reduce waste in your process & increase productivity
  • Prevent knowledge loss in the event you lose a key employee
  • Save on training time by reducing the learning curve
  • Expand your business easily by replicating your product or service
  • Set targets and track performance easily

Process & Program Development

Want a professional process or Program Developed?

What we Do:

  • We develop custom processes & programs to suit your needs
  • We build Lean techniques & safety into each process 

  • We save you money by not having to pay a continued yearly salary 

 Developing your own Working at Heights program?

Need to develop your own Working at Heights program?

What we Do:

  • We can help fast track your company through this very long & tedious process 
  • We also offer a fully developed & approved program 
  • We Train your trainers ​& prepare them for the Ministry of Labour

Conduct your Safety Meetings

Let us Conduct your Monthly Safety Meetings so you can focus on your business

Benefits to you:

  • Save time by allowing an expert to conduct your meetings
  • Reduce costs by recommending low cost solutions
  • We document & track all meetings so you don't have to