WHMIS On-Line 

Takes About 45 Minutes to Compete

Cost per test is $29.95 + tax

 Larger Group Discounts Available:

10 to 50 People Save 10%

51 to 100 People Save 25%

Over 100 People Save 50%

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Welcome to our Online WHMIS-GHS course! Please use the login screen below to create an account, make a payment and proceed through the course content and examination questions. At the end of the course, you'll receive feedback on your performance. Those that scored above 60% will also receive an email with their WHMIS-GHS certificate verifying their successful completion of the course. Anyone that scored below 60% will receive an additional 9 attempts to successfully complete the course.   

Android Users: Please create an account and login below to continue to the course and examination. 

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